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The Smith Bros Book, Records and Collectables Fair

1 Jun 2014

Categories: Events, Open Day

On the open day of june 1st, The Smith Brothers arrived at Victoria Baths with their Book, Records and Collectables fair.

The sports hall was set up with 30+ stalls selling unique items in categories of: Second-hand Books, Vinyl, Collectables memorabilia, Antiques, Object D'Art, Retro and Vintage. Something for everyone!

One stall in particular managed to catch our attention. That stall was a special addition to The Smith Bros fair, an addition put in place especially for Victoria Baths. This stall was focused on swimming memorabilia! It was braught to us by "Brown Bowlers Emporium" as shown in the picture below, dressed fit for the occasion! 


When I said "unique" up top, I really did mean unique. Here's a look at some of the... darker stalls that appeared!

Yes, those are teeth. No, brush is not included! Do you agree with "something for everyone" yet?


In addition to the fair, we had 2 performances from the wonderful Manchester Community Choir, who were right next door in the Gala Pool. Big thanks to those guys for coming to give our visitors a nice place to have a rest from all the shopping!


Another big thanks to all of you who take the time to visit us on our open days! We hope to see you at our Art & Craft fair on July 6th, on this open day we will see locally selected craftsmen selling their unique and creative wares. For all the info, scroll up and click that "Visit" tab and then hit the "What's On" button!


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