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How You Move Is Who You Are!

3 May 2014

Some say he is still spinning....


On the night of May 3rd, the Un-Rest exhibition came alive as Northern Soul lovers from across the country came to Victoria Baths to share their passion and dance the night away on the highest sprung dance floor in the country for our recorded soul event - the all nighter.

The Victoria Baths sports hall, slowly filling up with eager dancers!

As shown in the picture above, the dancefloor started to fill up quickly. Once band The Soultrain came out, the building slowly exploded with energy and excitement!

The SoulTrain

Heading on to early hours of the morning, fantastic DJ performances from various talented artists throughout the night (for example, Martin the MOD D.J. down below) kept our dancers going just as strong as when they arrived!

Martin the MOD D.J.

After sunrise and us staff trying to keep awake by listening to the Dawn Chorus, the "hardcore crew" were congratulated at roughly 6.30am. Simply for managing to last so long! How?

The dancers and volunteer Ruqia taking a picture!

"Thanks to Alison, Gill and the fantastic team of volunteers at Victoria Baths for making it possible, to the Top Class DJs for their full support, quick thinking and generosity of spirit, The SoulTrain for bouncing the floor early doors and to all the wonderful people who bought tickets and made the night a huge success. -
Volunteer Alan watching over the smoking area
My head is thumping and I can still hear all the brilliant tunes from Roy Stewart, Owen Phillips-Bolton, Ethan Howarth, The SoulTrain, Roman Korol, Glenn Walker-Foster, Martin The MOD D.J., Brent Howarth, Pete Davies and the dawn chorus himself Ricky Warburton." - William Titley, the artist behind the all nighter magic, who was also the great photographer behind the pictures above.


It wasn't over just yet! Only a few hours later on Sunday the 4th May, our doors opened to the public for our May Open Day, which included a dance off performance between morris dancers and northern soul dancers (surprisingly, some from the long night before!).

Morris dancers being admired in the sports hall

Unfortunatley, neither group was officially crowned as a victor, the audience was left to decide who they thought won. Unless they joined in and voted for themselves.. that doesn't count!

Big shout out to Wayne Hemingway (left) who was the DJ in the dance off! Picture also showing Alison Kershaw and William Titley.

Thanks to everyone who came to not just take part in the events but those who came to view the exhibitions over the course of UnRest too, we here at VB had a great time hosting and the artists were all happy about the outcome and the fantastic feedback from the likes of yourselves!

That's all for the May blog! We hope to see you at our Open Day on June 1st, which will be host to our first vintage book fair! See the "Visit" tab above and "What's On" for more information.


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