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Art & Craft Fair Fundraising Event November 2012

Martin Conner

Stained Glass Appeal

The stained glass at Victoria Baths is one of the building's finest features - there is a wide variety of designs and the quality of the windows was very high. It is also unique for a municipal baths to have such a lavish level of decoration.

AMAZING GLAZING Crowdfunder 2019

We're running a 30-day crowdfunding appeal to raise the final £10,000 needed to fully restore this magnificent stained glass window (pictured above) - get involved today by giving whatever you can afford and sharing the appeal far and wide (we have until 6th March to raise the full amount, or we get nothing at all)


In the Males 1st Class and Gala pool, there were originally  windows in each of the gable-end walls, but also three large themed windows in the side wall. These windows were lost many years ago, but we have original images which show both the design and the theme. One window depicted AQUA, and another depicted ZEPHYR. 


As a first step to reinstating all three windows, the Friends of Victoria Baths and the Victoria Baths Trust launched an appeal to raise £13,000 to replace one of these windows and this total was reached in 2012. The AQUA window was installed in March 2013. 


These seven smaller windows in the Gala Pool are at changing cubicle height and are all fully restored to the original green and white lilies design found in archive pictures. Click on photos number 12 to 15 on this page (top right hand corner) to see the beautifully restored windows. Thank you to the following supporters who generously funded their restoration: Stefan Bielecki, The Bonner Family, Susan Booth, Jill Earnshaw, Anne Forshaw, Elaine Skeffington (in memory of John Skeffington), Rachel and Hugo Steven and The Friends of Victoria Baths.


A further appeal raised funds to restore the ZEPHYR window, which was publicly unveiled on the Baths' 110th birthday, 7 September 2016, by the Lord Mayor of Manchester, Councillor Carl Austin-Behan.


The Lord Mayor also inaugurated the newly-restored FRED LUCAS MEMORIAL WINDOW, a gable-end window in the gala pool. This restoration was only made possible through a gift from the Lucas family in memory of their late father Fred Lucas 1923-2015. Sincere thanks to John, Mark and Andrew Lucas.


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