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With Thanks

Here's where we say a big thank you to all those people and organisations who have supported the Baths restoration so far. We are so grateful to all the contributors listed below, including all the Angels who have supported the restoration of the Turkish Baths and Superintendents Flat. Special thanks to all our Restoration Supporters and some individual givers who wish to remain anonymous:

Anita and Anthony Asha, Karen Ashworth,K & M Ball, Joanne Barlow, John & Vera Barlow, Julian Barratt, Mary Barber,Mr & Mrs Batten, Jude Bennett, Stefan Bielecki, Kate Blackall, Mr R Blair, Susan Boothby, William Bourne, Edith Bowers, Paul Bowring, Jane Bracewell, Gwyneth Brock, Geraldine Brown, Cath Brownhill, Mrs A Burgess, Bernard & Mary Burton, Sandra Carrigan, Michael Chu, Stephen & Yvonne Chubb, Dawn Cole, Michael Cooper, Chandan Coverley, Eleanor Craddock, Peter Davies, Nicola Dowling, Steve & Tricia Dunn, Sam Dunwoodie, Kathryn Dutton, Jill Earnshaw, East Lancashire Masonic Charity, David & Mary Eastwood, Sue Evans, Abeir Farhan, Mr R Ferguson, Jane Fineren, Mike Franks, Marie Gallagher, Geoffrey Garside, Michael Ginley, Nigel Gloudon, Anne Graham, Jennifer Green, William Hadfield, Barbara Hargreaves, Marion Hewitt, Kate Hill, Pauline & Philip Hillyer, Zoe Holliday, Thomas Hopwood, Barbara Horrocks, Sarah Howell, Hilda Jackson, Jean Johnston, Lyn Jones, Patricia Jones, Rosemary Jones, Susan Kaberry, Trish Kelly, Jana Kennedy, George Kinder, Mary King, Malcolm Knight, Susan Langton, Marjorie & Michael Latham, Liz Lavelle, Rachel & Rob Lea, Jon Leigh, Amy Lewis, Yvette Lewis, Rosemary Lord, Katy Lunt, Susan Madron, Karen Malies, Sheila Malone, Margaret Martin, Christina Mann, Margaret Manning, Corinne McDonald, Claire Middlehurst, Ruth Morris, Roger Moyle, A. Donald Muirhead, Ann Nield, Mrs P Oliver, Gemma O'Brien, Edmund O'Neill, Sheila Parnell, Freda Payne, John Pearson, Hilary Reeman, Lisa Risbec, Mrs K Rosser, Alexander Roy, Beryl Rowe, Reuben Saffer, Felix Schmid, Pam Schwarz, The late Jean Sutherland Singer, Elaine Skeffington, Mat Skinner, Janet Slade, Mr K Smith, Mike Smith, Graeme Stacey, Caroline Tattershall, Katie Taylor, Jean Thompson, Rosemary Tootill, Shirley & Bill Turner, John & Jan Tweed, Julie Ward MEP, Mark Watson, Karen Welsh, Helen Wiles, Katya Willems, Oneta Wilson, Barbara Winstanley, Kevin Wright.

Not forgetting all those who gave a donation with their ticket purchase for Indy Man Beer Con 2016, cheers!