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Jackie Chettur: From A Distance It Seems All Quiet Nice

Jackie Chettur

"The Palace Hotel Manchester played host to a miniature recreation of the Victoria Baths"

Jackie Chettur

From a Distance it Seems All Quite Nice

The Palace Hotel Manchester played host to a miniature recreation of the Victoria Baths, this was staged within a bedroom and bathroom of this luxurious and evocative, hotel. The Place Hotel, has a similar architectural feel to the Victoria Baths with particular reference to the age and style of the building and the copious amount of ceramic tiles used to decorate both interior and exterior surfaces, The Palace therefore acted as a perfect venue, and even surrogate for the baths themselves. Further more the splendour and luxury of the hotel was a pointer to the current state but earlier glories and potential future of the Victoria Baths. 

The miniature recreation of the baths was realized through slides of architectural details projected onto a tiled bedroom wall; sculpture and video projection, imagined people using the baths, as archive footage of swimmers swam across a claw foot bath, and a miniature projection of a young woman exercised against a miniature sculpture of cubicles. This piece was shown as part of the Mart Festival 1999 and was one of three installations shown in the hotel, visitors to the hotel were taken on a guided tour every hour over one weekend.


Jackie Chettur was one of the first artists for whom we have a record of working in the baths. We hope to document other earlier projects, so if you know of any let us know.


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