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RNCM rest room

photo: Alison Kershaw

"I must tell you how much I enjoyed the 'Noise of Many Waters' this evening - it was quite simply, the best night out I've had in Manchester all year! Wonderful atmosphere - lovely music - friendly, civilised people - the perfect way to end a working week"

Nicholas Webb

Noise of Many Waters

Over 150 RNCM students came together
for three unique evenings in 2011 of poolside tales,
featuring music by Handel, Debussy, Ravel,
Palestrina, Lizst, Chopin, Schumann,
Schubert, Britten, Barber, Gavin Bryars
and George Crumb among many others,
plus installations created for and new pieces
commissioned and written in response to this
unique building.

With a chamber orchestra, a number of other
ensembles, chamber music, choral and piano
music, song, and solos and duos for many
different instruments, plus theatre, dance,
electronics and even some ice thrown into
the watery mix for good measure, music filled
every corner of the building.


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