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The Ghost ...Not Yet Drowned

19 Apr 2012 20:00 -21:00

Adults: £5 from 01695 584480 or on the door

The Ghost of Someone Not Yet Drowned is a performance, installation and exhibition created and performed by Julia Griffin, Karen Lauke and Helen Newall, with guest performer Michelle Mann.  It consists of live dance, live and mediated sound, projected images and text all of which combine to explore the liminal place between breathing water and air.

The water, which was once the focus of the building, is long gone, but the empty pools remain, filled for one night with sounds, movement, lights and memories of long gone water… This piece is based on a near drowning experience and all the things that got thought by the swimmer while caught in the water...

The Ghost of Someone Not Yet Drowned is funded by Arts Council England and Edge Hill University.

Watching Dance is working in collaboration with this exciting project, supporting and developing innovative audience research in immersive performance events.


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