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Front Crawl

9 Jul 2017 11:00 -16:00

Adults: Free to Open Day Visitors

Exhibit C: Front Crawl is the third in the HOW TO SWIM contemporary art series. Curated by WHATCHAMACALLIT this show welcomes new and returning artists to the space, among them are Lauren Pennycott, Edward Rowe, Gillian Wylde, Jess Russell and Edwyn Parker. Throughout the day there will be live performances taking place in the Gala Pool as well as video and sculptural pieces across the building. 

Front Crawl is free to access for all Open Day visitors. The admission price for the Open Day is £4 for adults, £7 for adults with a guided tour and free to under 16's and VB friends. Admission includes VB Foodie and Restaurant Pop-up and performances by the Ordsall Acapella Singers.


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