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Trying to Float

14 May 2017 11:00 -16:00

Adults: Adults £4, (standard prices £3) FREE for under 16s and VB Friends

Trying to Float, is the first exhibit in the HOW TO SWIM series of exhibitions and artists events at Victoria Baths Open Days curated by WATCHAMACALLIT.

Trying to Float explores collective and social memory. Artist Maddie Broad invites group reminiscence on the theme of swimming in her interactive workshop Standing together in an empty pool.

Video and sculptural works address collective domestic experience in Ting Waterhouse’s piece Laundry.

Polly Maxwell’s Stairs is accompanied by interactive spoken word from poet T.S Idiot.

Trying to Float takes place alongside the Victoria Baths Open Day and public swimming event. Entry to the building allows people to view the art and view swimming. 


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