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Gala Pool dancefloor

"Come together with Victoria Baths in 2021"

Bowls and Big Bands

8 Apr 2021 19:00 -20:00

Adults: Pay as you Feel - suggested donation £5

Third in a series of Hidden Histories online talks all about Victoria Baths, do join us for:

Bowls and Big Bands

Victoria Baths has always been so much more than a swimming pool for its local community, hosting everything from dances to bowling in the boarded-over pools.

Join us to hear more about the joys of dancing the night away to Phil Moss and his band, amongst other notable acts to appear at the Baths.

The original plans for Victoria Baths did include a public hall for entertainment and meetings, but when estimates were presented to the Local Government Board in 1900, the sum of £72,000 (including £15,000 for the Public Hall) was considered "too much to expend" and so the Public Hall was scrapped. It was later decided that the pools at certain Baths could be boarded over from the second week in October to the second week in April and these dance events became a valuable source of income for the City Council.  

Victoria Baths is now a unique space for entertainment, hosting all sorts of events, from cinema nights to beer festivals and the occasional dance. And we're delighted to say that couples are still forming friendships and attachments at the Baths, as they have done for many years now, in some cases even going on to marry here!

More information:

The talk starts at 7pm, with a presentation, and there will be time for questions before the event finishes at 8pm. 

Event suitable for older children and adults. 

Tickets are available NOW via the ticketing link at the bottom of this page.

Please book a ticket for your screen/household and pay what you feel - our suggested donation is £5.00. 

Every donation helps to support Victoria Baths, who look after this beautiful building for the community of Manchester and beyond.



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