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Photo: Leaf Street Baths, Manchester

"Come together with Victoria Baths in 2021"

The Evils of Dirt

18 Mar 2021 19:00 -20:00

Adults: Pay as you Feel - suggested donation £5

Join us for the third in a series of online events and talks hosted by Victoria Baths:

The Evils of Dirt and the Value of Cleanliness

A history of Manchester's early baths and wash houses 1840-1876

By Sylvia Kölling, Library Manager and Researcher. Sylvia co-runs The Cassowary Project (

Manchester's early baths and wash-houses demonstrate a complex history of a rapidly changing industrial town, a town afflicted with epidemics, rampant property speculation and unimaginable squalor.

In her talk, Sylvia will explore how Manchester's early baths and wash-houses came into existence; why Manchester Corporation did not adopt the Baths and Wash-houses Act of 1847/8 and how both public health agitation and a conflation of dirt with moral degridation dominated the thinking about public bathing and washing. 

More information:

The event starts at 7pm, with Sylvia's presentation, and there will be time for questions before the event finishes at 8pm.

Event suitable for older children and adults.

Tickets are available NOW via the ticketing link at the bottom of this page. Please book a ticket for your screen/household and pay what you feel - our suggested donation is £5.00. 

Every donation helps to support Victoria Baths, who look after this beautiful building for the community of Manchester and beyond.




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