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"I'll help you find your Special Sauce, tell your story authentically and have fun on Instagram!"

Katya Willems


5 May 2022 10:30 -13:00

Come and hang out at the glorious Victoria Baths building - to share Instagram ideas, take photos and create Reels.
With Katya Willems, Manchester-based instagram trainer. 

About this event

This is a friendly meet up for people who love Instagram - it's opportunity to meet likeminded people and also learn about how to get more from Instagram.

From 10.30-12 we will be chatting over cake and a cuppa. I will set you some challenges and prompts to get you thinking about getting more from your Instagram accounts.

From 12-1pm we'll be wondering around the fabulous building, taking photos, preparing Reels and videos for our Instagram accounts.

Please bring a notepad and pen!


Tickets are £39 for the session and are available through Links below. Included in the ticket price is cake and a hot drink and a £5 donation to the Victoria Baths Trust for their work in preserving and keeping the building open.

About Katya

I set up Easyinstamcr in 2017, and these past four years delivering Instagram workshops and one-to-one training have transformed my life for the better.

On a personal level, I’ve reconnected with and nurtured a more powerful, interesting version of myself. I’ve discovered opinions and tastes I never even knew I had! I’ve made friends and acquaintances who are so creative, brave and pioneering that it blows my mind. I have designed my own life to look how I want it to look. I go wild swimming and hiking all the time, and no one tells me what to do!

Want to know one of the most exciting things? Instagram has played a HUGE part in all of it. Instagram has been a blank creative canvas that has allowed me to test out parts of this new version of me. I have gained so much from a tool that we all have access to.

Yes, it has its faults – Instagram can be addictive, and you have to be careful with your mental health as with any social media. But if you strike the right balance, it’s a powerful tool. Instagram has been a place to truly find and build my tribe of creative, inspiring, smart, kind people.



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