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We want everyone to be able to appreciate Victoria Baths.  Whilst the building has listed status and our resources are limited, we strive to provide access for all.

Physical Access
There is ramped access to the main public entrance of the Baths.  Within the building the ground floor is fairly level with ramped access into the sports hall.  There are quite a few floors with uneven surfaces.

We have improved the toilet provision at Victoria Baths in 2011 and 2012.  The building now has a fully accessible toilet.

There are no lifts within the building but all the main spaces can be visited or viewed from the ground floor.  Our guided tours include two flights of stairs (one up and one down) but can be tailored, on request, to remain on the ground floor.

Access for visually impaired visitors
Victoria Baths has much to offer visitors with a visual impairment.  The fabric of the building can be appreciated by touching its great variety of surfaces - tiles, wrought iron, woodwork and stained glass.  The guided tours provides an oral summary of the history of the building.

Podcasts covering Restoration Phase 1, Swimming Memories and Sunny Lowry are available to listen to and to purchase in the VB Shop.

Special tours are available on request.

Guide dogs and Hearing dogs are welcome at Victoria Baths.

Access for hearing impaired visitors
Victoria Baths is a visual delight.  Interprepation boards and displays around the building provide information about its history and the many arts projects that have taken place here.



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